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Some of the things that home and business owners consider when purchasing a fence system are security, durability, design, and maintenance, which is why vinyl fences have become quite popular over the years. Vinyl fencing, also called plastic fencing, is a type of fence made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a popular option because of its perfect blend of practicality and charm.

When choosing a fence company, you should take into account the fencing company that will supply your vinyl fence. Our Waxahachie fencing company knows all about choosing the right fence for every client. We don’t just ask you what you want and then deliver it. We ensure that we get a good idea of what your fencing needs are, what you prefer, where you are located, how long you intend to have the fence up, and how much you are willing to spend on it. As soon as we have looked at these details, we will let you know what fencing options are suitable for your property in Waxahachie.  

Some fencing options won’t appeal to you, but if you want a fence that is sturdy, appealing, water-proof, long-lasting, non-toxic, low-maintenance, and weather-resistant, consider vinyl. For those interested in seeing and feeling the look and feel of vinyl fencing, Waxahachie Fence and Deck company can provide samples and examples.


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In Waxahachie, wood fencing is a popular choice for residential fences. The reason is that they help you define the boundaries of your property, keep kids and family safe, and keep out unwanted elements while giving your home the degree of privacy you desire.

But they do much more than that! With its classic, natural look, wood fencing also adds curb appeal to your property. You can paint or stain it with the exact colors that you want.  We at Waxahachie Fence Company ensure that our clients get the most out of wood fences. Typical wood fences can be damaged by harsh weather conditions, are prone to rot and termites, and can warp easily. 

The Wood Fence Company of Waxahachie ensures the longevity of your fences by using high-quality wood materials that are pressure-treated, applied with wood preservative, properly installed, and handled and treated with all necessary precautions by our professional fencing crew. Our clients also get the kind of wood fencing they want and the kind that is most suitable for their property. No matter whether you need a picket fence, a privacy fence, a post-and-rail fence, or a dog-ear fence, Waxahachie Fence And Deck Company has what you need. Providing you with excellent quality materials and custom-crafting your dream fence at affordable rates, we are a full-service fencing company.


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With our fencing solutions, we serve residential, commercial, and even industrial properties all over the Waxahachie area. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, with the quickest turnaround time, for a reasonable price. In addition, to prove that we’re committed to giving you only the best, you can stop by our office for a free consultation with one of our most experienced fencing specialists. We look forward to delivering the fence of your dreams to you!